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Frequently Asked Questions
At Dom's Quick Move & Clean we have an array of frequently asked questions and we are more then happy to answer any questions from our customers so don't hesitate to give us a call on 0404437515
What are the hidden charges ?
We ask that the customer provide us with as much honest and actual facts so as we can provide the most accurate and honest rate as possible for your relocation.
This is very important for Interstate and flat rate removals and if you are not sure give us a call on 0404437515 we can assist with any questions.
At Dom's Quick Move & Clean we run a good old fashioned service of where honesty is our best policy and all charges will be upfront at time of initial quote and if there is any variances we will discuss with customer to find a happy medium for all parties involved.
How long will it take ?
Please ensure this is the most asked question and all we can do is offer an approximate based on our previous experiences as number of different factors can play part in the time frames.
We endure to have your move done promptly as we love repeat customers and their referrals.
1 Bedroom unit/house 3 hours
2 Bedroom unit/house 4 hours
3 Bedroom unit/house 5 hours
4 Bedroom unit/house 6 hours
We can offer you some professional advise to save you money on the day of your move.
How do we pay for our move ?
We accept the following payment methods.
On the spot Eftpos
Debit, Visa, MasterCard, Amex  3% surcharges apply
On The spot Cash 
Please ensure you have money available as we can not wait while you go to the bank as charges may apply for waiting as our removalists may be required elsewhere.
On the spot bank transfer
The on the spot bank transfer will incur an additional charge of $30 as we have to wait up to 3 days for the process.
Pre arranged payment methods
We also have pre arranged payment methods available for our larger and interstate moves which can be.
Bank transfer at least 7 days prior for flat priced removals nil charges
Interest free finance options must be arranged 15 days prior to your relocation
Cheques will only be accepted with pre arranged payment methods 7days prior
Will you take care of our stuff during the move ?
The answer is yes our removalists will look after your items like it is their own and will wrap and stack items accordingly in the way that their years of experience has found to be the most appropriate.
Are You Insured ?
The answer is yes as a professional removal company we have certain insurances as Public liability ,Transit Insurance and Workers Compensation, how ever your items are being transported with a third party provider at your own risk as accidents can happen.
So we also recommend that you check your home and contents insurance policy as some cover your goods during a move also or you can take out removal insurance cover for an extra piece of mind.
Can We Help ?  
We are more then happy for the customers to help bring stuff out near the truck but not into the truck as we have certain measures in place to protect our staff customers and your belongings so you need to be aware that we can not take responsibility for any injury or damage if you choose to help.
But bare in mind you hired Dom's Quick Move & Clean so you didn't have to move your self.
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